Joshua J Robertson


Unreal Engine Technical Artist


GJL Game Parade - Summer 2021 

Upgrade is a platform-shooter created for a game jam hosted by Games Jobs Live. The final product was created by a team of four, all of us being first time game jammers. Myself and the team had a great experience during the process; many highs and lows, but we finished with a product to be proud of. The first week we were tasked to fully create all the assets, mechanics and layout of the game; while the second week was reserved for polish. 

My role in the team started with modelling and texturing the environment, including the turrets, traps and interactable assets. I was also responsible for building the game in Unity and lighting the environment. As it was my first time in the Unity engine, I had quite the task of learning as I created; having past experience in Unreal Engine played a big part, as I knew what to look for, it was just a matter of finding which buttons to press. It was also my first time mixing a baked lighting setup with real-time (I had previously only utilised real time lighting in UE4 for personal projects); the result came out better than expected, so I was very happy with that. 


Overall I had an incredibly valuable experience, not only was it very enjoyable, but I became familiar with the importance of the strict pipeline needed for a small team to operate and meet tight deadlines. I will be taking part in many more game jams in the future, as now I feel even more prepared and knowledgeable; I know exactly what mistakes I made and how to improve upon them, and also what went well and will be replicated next time. 

Joshua J Robertson - Environment Artist, Lighting Artist & Level Builder

Hayri Aslan Kocaman - Character Concept Sculptor, Character Artist & UI Artist - 

Neil McKeown - Sound Designer & Composer -

Jonathan Cohen - Programmer & Boss Room Designer -

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